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 get_api_key ($bmltRootServerURI)
 Query the server for its version. This requires that the _bmltRootServerURI data member be valid. More...


const DEBUG 1
const BMLT_EXEC 1
 $uri = ''
if(file_exists(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).'/server/shared/classes/')&&!isset($_GET['ajaxCall'])) $bmlt_semantic_instance = new bmlt_semantic($_GET)

Function Documentation

get_api_key (   $bmltRootServerURI)

Query the server for its version. This requires that the _bmltRootServerURI data member be valid.

an integer that will be MMMmmmfff (M = Major Version, m = Minor Version, f = Fix Version).

Definition at line 76 of file index.php.

References $bmlt_semantic_instance, $ret, $uri, and bmlt_semantic\call_curl().

77 {
78  $ret = "";
80  if ($bmltRootServerURI) {
81  $error = null;
83  $uri = $bmltRootServerURI.'/client_interface/xml/index.php?switcher=GetServerInfo';
84  $xml = bmlt_semantic::call_curl($uri, $error);
85  if (!$error && $xml) {
86  $info_file = new DOMDocument;
87  if ($info_file instanceof DOMDocument) {
88  if (@$info_file->loadXML($xml)) {
89  $api_key = $info_file->getElementsByTagName("google_api_key");
90  $ret = $api_key->item(0)->nodeValue;
91  }
92  }
93  }
94  }
96  return $ret;
97 }
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Definition: index.php:33
static call_curl($in_uri, &$in_out_http_status=null)
Class function that calls out to a Web site, using cURL.

Variable Documentation

if (file_exists(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).'/server/shared/classes/')&&!isset($_GET['ajaxCall'])) $bmlt_semantic_instance = new bmlt_semantic($_GET)

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Referenced by get_api_key().

$uri = ''
const BMLT_EXEC 1

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const DEBUG 1

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Version: 1.2.0

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