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c_comdef_meeting_search_manager.class.php File Reference

The class file for the c_comdef_meeting_search_manager class. More...

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class  c_comdef_meeting_search_manager
 A class to control the basic common functionality of all meeting searches. More...

Detailed Description

The class file for the c_comdef_meeting_search_manager class.

This class is designed to manage the specification and result delivery of searches.

This is a generic meeting search manager that is designed to be subclassed for specific implementations (such as for HTTP user agents or RSS feeds).

Some search criteria are fed directly to the SQL, while others are run on the results of the SQL search. It is transparent to the caller.

This class is meant to be a complete interface to the BMLT server subsystem. It's a Controller class.

As a user (searcher, not administrator) of the system, this is the only class you'll need to really know about. You can use it to access other, more specific classes, but all you need to do is instantiate one of these, and it will take care of setting up the server and all the database interactions.

The way this class works is that a set of data members are in the object that are set to specify search criteria. A number of functions are provided to help the user to specify criteria.

Once the criteria are set, a search is triggered, and this class will present the results as references to objects.

The default is a "wide open" search for all meetings.


This file is part of the Basic Meeting List Toolbox (BMLT).

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