BMLT Root Server
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CbdfProfilerExecution time/memory profiling class
 CBMLTSemanticThis is the controlling class for the BMLT interactive semantic workshop
 CBMLTSemanticResultThis keeps the state of the result of all that stuff going on in the workshop, and will compile a resulting URI or shortcode
 Cc_comdef_admin_main_consoleControls display of the main BMLT administration console
 Cc_comdef_admin_xml_handlerControls handling of the admin semantic interface
 Cc_comdef_changeA Class for Change Record Objects
 Cc_comdef_changesA class to hold a collection of c_comdef_change objects
 Cc_comdef_dbsingletonThis class provides a genericized interface to the PHP PDO toolkit. It is a completely static class
 Cc_comdef_formatA Class for Format Codes
 Cc_comdef_formatsInclude the format class
 Cc_comdef_meetingA class to hold a single meeting object
 Cc_comdef_meeting_search_managerA class to control the basic common functionality of all meeting searches
 Cc_comdef_meetingsA class to hold a collection of c_comdef_meeting objects
 Cc_comdef_serverThis class is the main server class. It instantiates a PDO database object, and is the starting point for everything done and managed by the CoMDEF server system
 Cc_comdef_service_bodiesA class to hold a collection of c_comdef_service_body objects
 Cc_comdef_service_bodyA Class for Service Body Objects
 Cc_comdef_userThis class handles BMLT users. One instance is created for each user on the server
 Cc_comdef_usersA class to hold a collection of c_comdef_users objects
 Ci_comdef_authInterface for entities that authenticate users
 Ci_comdef_db_storedInterface for entities that store themselves in the database
 Ci_comdef_has_parentSimply declares an interface for having a "container" object
 Ci_comdef_searchableThis interface describes some functions that should allow a derived class to be searched
 Ci_comdef_serializedInterface for entities that can be rendered into serialized form
 Ct_comdef_local_typeAllows us to specify a language to the instance (example: English or French)
 Ct_comdef_world_typeA very simple class that allows whatever format NAWS will use as an ID to be assigned to the object
 Ct_local_id_classThis class allows us to assign a unique ID to each of its derived instances